The authentication plugins operate when users login to your site or administrator. The Joomla! authentication is in operation by default but you can enable Gmail or LDAP or install a plugin for a different system. An example is included that may be used to create a new authentication plugin.Default on:JoomlaDefault off:

Идеи для спальни

Лето вдохновило нас на новые идеи для спальни.


Editors are used thoughout Joomla! where content is created. TinyMCE is the default choice in most locations although CodeMirror is used in the template manager. No Editor provides a text box for html content.Default on:CodeMirror HelpTinyMCE HelpNo Editor HelpDefault off:

Романтичная спальня

Придайте пикантности Вашей спальне...


These plugins are behind the buttons found beneath your editor. They only run when an editor plugin runs.Default on:Editor Button: ImageEditor Button: ReadmoreEditor Button: Page BreakEditor Button: ArticleDefault off:

Дизайн маленькой спальни

Даже самая неуклюжая комната превратится в уютную, расслабляющую гавань.


The search component uses plugins to control which parts of your Joomla! site are searched. You may choose to turn off some areas to improve performance or for other reasons. Many third party Joomla! extensions have search plugins that extend where search takes place.Default On:

Квартирный вопрос спальни

Профессионалы нередко критикуют шоу формата «Квартирный вопрос»...


System plugins operate every time a page on your site loads. They control such things as your URLS, whether users can check a "remember me" box on the login module, and whether caching is enabled.  New in 1.6 is the redirect plugin that with the redirect component assist you in managing changes in URLs.Default on:Remember me HelpSEF HelpDebug HelpDefault off:

Современные спальни

Эти актуальные спальни, позволят Вам погрузиться в современный дизайн.


Default on:Joomla HelpDefault off:Two new plugins are available in 1.6 but are disabled by default.

Большая кровать

Большая кровать определяет дизайн этой комнаты...
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